Sfate & Combier

Since 1850, Sfate & Combier has been one of the leading suppliers of fabrics for the haute couture, designer and high-end ready-to-wear markets. To enhance its know-how, the management entrusted us with the implementation of a database of all the company’s creations for its employees. We have digitized all the textile archives as well as the internal database.



As part of its preservation missions, the German National Library had previously carried out digitization operations on targeted collections.
In 2021, the institution has decided to digitize its collections in a more systematic and extensive way. We won this contract through a public tender.


The BnF wanted to digitize their Chinese scrolls and drawings from the Pellot collection. This digitization required the construction of a custom-built workshop to digitize them. This scroll digitization bench was validated by the library’s manuscript department.



Ensuring the sustainability of the media at the Musée de Bretagne
As part of its heritage preservation project, the Musée de Bretagne is launching a project to preserve its photographic collections, which contain over 500,000 references. These archives are composed of negatives and positives on glass plates or flexible media (cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate), slides and paper prints. The project began with a phase of dusting and reconditioning of the collections before sending them to digitization. We also took care of the cellulose nitrate supports’ delicate storage, which are flammable and present risks of degradation.



3D digitization of the Winged Victory of Samothrace as part of its restoration

The Louvre Museum asked us to intervene in the framework of a vast restoration operation of the statue. The readings obtained by 3D lasergrammetric and prohogrammetric scanning of the statue, its boat and base served several purposes. First of all, it was necessary to obtain a precise condition of the statue, just after the restoration. The 3D model has been integrated into the Louvre’s Focus series, a web collection presenting the museum’s emblematic works. Finally, the model also offers the possibility of reconstructing missing elements of the statue, either from scattered and modeled fragments or by virtual reconstruction.


Notre-Dame de Paris

Our 3D survey and Building Information Model (BIM) to the rescue of Notre-Dame de Paris

We have carried out several digitization campaigns of the cathedral, within the framework of the restoration projects led by the Chief Architects of the Historic Monuments, in order to provide the technical documentation necessary for the analysis and diagnosis works. Survey campaigns were carried out on the west facade, the towers, the roof and the spire. We have also carried out a complete 3D scan of the framework known as “the forest”, destroyed during the fire of April 15, 2019. We conducted an emergency 3D scanning operation right after this fire to diagnose the damage. Our complete BIM modeling of Notre-Dame is used in the restoration work.


Musée de la Toile de Jouy

Drone and in-situ scanning for the Toile de Jouy museum

The Musée de la Toile de Jouy called on our services to digitize several collections: the fabric collection, digitized in our premises on an A00 scanner (1200×1800 mm), and in-situ digitization to capture the digital duplicate of object collections and very large format canvases (from 2 to 7 m).
The digitization of the object collection was made possible thanks to the establishment of a dedicated photography studio within the museum. Capturing very large fabrics required the development of a bespoke in-situ solution: drone scanning.

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