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Memorist is a unique center of expertise, born from the alliance of several high value-added skills, held by leading French firms dedicated to heritage preservation, restoration, digitization and transmission: Arkhênum, Art Graphique & Patrimoine, La Reliure du Limousin, Tribvn Imaging and Vectracom.

Its 240 experts deploy their know-how, in France and abroad, to support museums, public institutions, private companies and NGOs.

The alliance of traditional heritage preservation techniques and innovative technologies supported by human talents, allows the implementation of tailor-made solutions and large-scale projects.

Mobilitas, the group that oversees it, embodies the conquest of the international market and the influence of French economic know-how. Its expertise in these fields allows Memorist to build its international development with confidence.

Memorist’s DNA is structured around these two key axes: a unique know-how that is undeniably recognized on the French market and a group that is resolutely turned towards the international market, established in nearly 100 countries.


Our brands



Arkhenum is today recognized as a European leader in the field of old documents digitization (bound and unbound) and in the preservation/enhancement of the historical collections of key players in the private sector (luxury, industry, media…).

Our misstion: Preserve history and its witnesses over time.

  • Founded : 1999
  • More than 1,000 clients
  • 18 million pages scanned/year
  • 80 scanners
  • 80 employees

    Art Graphique & Patrimoine

    AGP, founded in 1994, is the French leader in 3D digitization of historical monuments, built heritage, works of art and collections of heritage objects. It was a pioneer in the enhancement of heritage through digital technologies (BIM, augmented reality, virtual reality…).

    • 33 permanent employees
    • 15 professions mastered by our team
    • About 100 projects per year in all sectors
    • More than 2,500 works of art and historical monuments in our digital library
    • Certified Living Heritage Company (EPV)

      La Reliure du Limousin


      La Reliure du Limousin is a specialist in the restoration of old documents (registers, booklets, figurative documents, parchments…), the first French workshop for the preservation of written heritage.

      • Creation : 1950
      • 95 departments regularly rely on it
      • 1,000 clients per year
      • 6,000 references
      • 60 craftsmen trained in artisanal techniques
      • Certified Living Heritage Company (EPV)

      Apprentice training center for bookbinding arts since September 2022, leading to a CAP in bookbinding arts

      TRIBVN Imaging

      TRIBVN Imaging specializes in high-definition and faithful digitization of exceptional documents (graphic and photographic collections, objects and textile pieces) by associating a high level of customization of its technical solutions.

      • Founded: 1988
      • Various clients: industry, luxury, national or international as well as public authorities, ministries, museums, institutes, regional archives, departmental archives, regional or general councils, federations, foundations
      • 12 employees



        Vectracom specializes in the preservation, digitization, enhancement and accessibility of audiovisual and film heritage (subtitles, voice-overs, French sign language and audio description). The mastery of these skills allows it to process all audiovisual formats and films that have existed.

        • Founded: 1991
        • More than 1,000 clients
        • More than 2 million hours of digitized audiovisual and film content
        • An unrivalled range of machines, since we have all the audio, video and film machines that have ever existed
        • 30 employees
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