• Audit and advice on heritage strategy
  • Management of heritage collections
  • Preventive conservation of heritage

Essilor’s roots go back to 1849, when the “Association Fraternelle des Ouvriers Lunetiers” was created in the Marais district of Paris. It soon became the Société des Lunetiers, or S.L., later known as Essel.

In preparation for the merger with Luxottica, Essilor wished to leverage its rich industrial history, spanning over 170 years, by embarking on a significant heritage preservation project. The objective was to utilise its heritage to benefit both the brand and the group. To achieve this, Arkhênum was appointed in 2020 to analyse, safeguard, and enhance Essilor’s esteemed heritage collection.

The extensive collection comprises numerous technical documents that reflect the group’s pioneering advances in optics, particularly in the realm of lenses. Commencing in 2021, Arkhênum’s team meticulously processed the entire paper collection, which spans roughly 100 linear meters, as well as a rich collection of more than 7,000 objects. Among these were 300 scientific instruments and tools pertaining to vision and precision, along with an extensive collection of eyewear, boasting several thousand lenses and spectacles.

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