The Conservation of Lalibela’s Heritage: A MEMORIST International Collaboration with CNRS and École des Chartes

MEMORIST took part in the sustainable conservation project for the holy city of Lalibela in Ethiopia. At the request of the CNRS and the École des Chartes, one of our divisions, Arkhênum, contributed its expertise to the creation of a digital resource centre for Lalibela’s heritage.

Protecting Lalibela’s rock churches through digitisation

This project, called Sustainable Lalibela, aims to protect and promote the famous rock churches of Lalibela, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arkhênum arrived in Ethiopia just before the summer of 2023 to train the local religious communities in the digitisation techniques that would preserve and enhance the 300 religious manuscripts dating from the 12th to the 18th century.

Multi-disciplinary approach of Sustainable Lalibela

Sustainable Lalibela, led by the CNRS and the CFEE, is funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Agence Française de Développement, and the CNRS. This multi-disciplinary project includes research, restoration, development and skills-sharing activities aimed at ensuring the sustainable conservation of this emblematic site.

In the heart of Ethiopia, Lalibela is home to eleven monolithic medieval churches carved out of rock, bearing witness to the architectural genius and religious devotion of the time. These churches, which have been pilgrimage sites since the 12th century, remain preserved in their natural environment, constituting a precious heritage for humanity.

Commitment to cultural heritage preservation

MEMORIST, through its participation in this international project, is demonstrating its commitment to the preservation and enhancement of the world’s cultural heritage, while promoting the sharing of knowledge and skills for future generations.
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