From the simplest to the most complex and varied collections , MEMORIST experts analyze the problematic exposed and the operational objectives of each client.

A strategic audit offers a global vision of your needs or allows you to focus on a specific aspect of the patrimonial process: preservation, restoration, digitization or sharing.

More advanced audits allow us to draw the outlines of the project:

  • General inventory (typology, volume, condition)
  • Safeguarding advice (volumetric and typological evaluation, deteriorated collections, preventive measures)
  • Condition reports (identification of signs of deterioration, etc.)
  • Heritage strategy (explanation of proposed choices)
  • Quality insurance plans


We carry out organization services for heritage collections and establish targeted action plans:

  • Analysis of the resources
  • Inventory and analysis
  • Simple or detailed inventory
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Reconditioning (standardized, in partnership with recognized service providers, by experts trained in handling)

In a more specific way, we organize the resources for their optimal digitization and conservation.


Preventive conservation

Preventive conservation takes the form of the following operations:

  • Dusting of all types of media (film, photo, paper, parchment…)
  • Tests: solubility of inks, identification of glues (adhesive reinforcements or paper)
  • Punctual scrubbing of important stains
  • Sampling for microbiological analysis (disinfection program)
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